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We moved to Toronto

Tue Jun 26, 2018 11:25 am

We recently moved into a house that has a fairly large above-ground swimming pool. We were not looking for a house with a pool, but it happened. The first thing that we liked about this house is the pool. We are trying to decide what to do with this pool and I would appreciate any advice from anyone who owns or has owned a pool. We have never owned a pool before, so we don't know much about how to maintain a pool. We don't have any pieces of equipment and I searched for swimming pool equipment supplies and found done. But I think we need more assistance.
We are considering the following options:
Get someone from a local pool company to come out, clean up the pool, put in whatever chemicals are necessary, do anything else that is needed, and then show us how to maintain the pool ourselves going forward.
The second option is to get rid of the pool. Sell it or give it away or even pay someone to haul it off if necessary. If we go with the first option, how much money should we expect to spend each year on maintaining the pool?
I'm hoping that someone here has experience with pools and can give us some good advice. Thanks in advance.

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