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Designing a condo

Thu May 31, 2018 12:32 pm

Hello all,
Hope everyone’s doing good. I am here to get some design ideas for my condo. The construction work of the condo is complete, now it's the design part. I found the condo from condos for sale in North York. The builder has lots of design ideas, good ones. But I don’t seem to like them. So, I am thinking to design myself. I want a garden in the condo which I was thinking of doing in the balcony, also a lawn in the balcony itself. I don’t know if this seems weird. Also, I am thinking of having some indoor plants in bedroom and bathroom. Also, I have an open kitchen, I was hoping to get some plants in front of the kitchen too, ie, between the dining and the kitchen. Are there any other good indoor design ideas? Please let me know your suggestions...

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