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Loan for painting my 4 BHK

Sat Apr 07, 2018 8:06 am

2 days ago one of my neighbors walked up to me, introduced herself and asked, " So when are you going to paint your house?" I really got surprised that time because I had never thought about till that question was asked. When she left the house, I just went outside and looked the house. My house was in such an untidy state that no one can complain him for asking this question. Then I decided that its high time to paint the house. Since the house is a 4 BHK house that is quite big, I'm sure painting will be very expensive. Before painting the house, I have to completely clean the house. Since I never used to dust the higher elevated portion of the house, all the windows that are on the 2nd floor are completely covered with dust, spider webs, and bugs. Anyways I'm planning to hire window cleaning services to clean the house.

The main issue that I 'm confronting now is that I don't have enough money to carry out both the indoor and outdoor painting. So I would like to know is there any possibility to apply for a loan for that purpose. What type of loan can I apply for? I'm sure that painting the house can boost the resale value of the house.

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